Stroud High School Building

Stroud Public Schools - Stroud, Oklahoma

The Stroud Public Schools – New High School Classroom Building replaces the existing High School that currently shares a location with the Stroud Middle School. This new 120,000 square foot facility will bring grade levels 9 – 12 firmly into the 21st century learning environment. Special attention has been made to achieve energy efficiency, security, and longevity of the building.

A well thought out balance of striking visibility had to be meshed with the utmost importance of security for students and staff. While having a grand visual impact from Route 66, the building vehicular access is controlled by only allowing access off a less traveled secondary street and all pedestrian entrances into the school are controlled through locked security vestibules; all of which are controlled by the main administration office located at the front of the complex. Intrusion detection and video surveillance wrap up the key aspects of the security control on the campus.

The school incorporates two large FEMA 361 rated Storm Safe rooms that are comprised entirely out of concrete and steel to protect occupants from Oklahoma’s often destructive weather. The building provides 24
classrooms, 6 student support rooms, a full-service cafeteria and kitchen, new library/media center, new vocational-agricultural facility, and 1,000 seat performing arts center. The school design will also feature low VOC materials, energy efficient lighting and HVAC control systems, state of the art educational technology with campus wide video distribution, terrazzo, LVT, and modular carpet flooring. The upper level of the facility incorporates clerestory windows along the sides of the 150+ long corridors to allow for natural lighting within the space during the buildings typical usage times.

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