Solar Preparatory School for Girls
Wins the Caudill

Dallas ISD - Dallas, Texas|  January 27, 2020

It is a true privilege and honor for BWA Architects to receive the Caudill Award, along with Dallas ISD, for our work on the planning and design of Solar Preparatory School for Girls. The school was one of 34 projects considered for the Caudill Class and was the only project presented that won all six stars of Distinction among this year’s Caudill Award winners.


A Choice School, the All Girls STEAM Academy was one of four projects selected to receive the 2019-20 Caudill Award, the highest honor in the annual Exhibit of School Architecture competition facilitated by TASA/TASB for projects that exemplify excellence in planning and design of the learning environment. Thank you, Dallas ISD for the opportunity, and TASA/TASB for this recognition.


To learn about the projects selected for the Caudill Award, and accompanying presentations,
you can view the official announcement here.

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