Kingston Multi-Purpose Center

Kingston Public Schools - Kingston, Oklahoma

Sitting high atop the most prominent hill in the quiet lake community of Kingston, Oklahoma, is the Kingston Multi-Purpose Activity Center (K-MAC). The K-MAC is Kingston’s largest building and community center, and although
it is designed for Kingston Public Schools and resides on school land, it serves the entire community. Community members can be on the upper walking track at all hours and are always invited to join students for school lunch—as long as they pay the $2.25 lunch fee. During classroom hours, the band room is used to instruct one of the region’s most preeminent high school bands. In times of inclement weather, this same space serves as a community tornado safe room.

By night, the multipurpose space that generally serves as the school’s cafeteria transforms with telescoping chair-back bleachers into a performing arts theater, home to student and community theatrical events.

During basketball season, Kingston hosts the region’s tournament, and a victory is always signified by the red glow that emanates from the lobby community gathering area’s large curtain-wall glass and softly transmits this glow onto the beautiful landscape that surrounds it.

This project was a combined vision led by Kingston Schools and the Architect. Prior to this project, many considered Kingston a backwater community with an inability to fund anything great; after the completion of this project, many communities both large and small still marvel at how those with a strong vision can achieve great things. The K-MAC gives Kingston Public Schools and the city of Kingston a sense of pride. Kingston is proof that the vision to do great is first achieved by seeing yourself as worthy of greatness.

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