Grove Performing Arts Center

Grove Public Schools - Grove, Oklahoma

Grove Public Schools Performing Arts Center is part of the district’s 2014 multi-million bond issue. Grove’s current auditorium contained antiquated seating and was not designed for musical concerts or dramatic stage productions. The 1,200-seat state-of-the-art facility is attached to the current high school and will be a place for the performing arts students to practice and perform at the state level. The PAC will provide students in the speech, drama, choir and band programs a place to perform and compete at the highest levels. An auditorium which will include a fly tower, full rigging and curtains and an orchestra pit. In addition to the main auditorium, the project includes a black box theatre, prop room and make up rooms, additional support areas for band and vocal programs, appropriate storage and expanded parking.


The full featured performing arts center will accommodate large musical programs which were previously hosted off campus at Grove’s Civic Center. The PAC lobby provides space for 150-person events, banquets, graduations and public meetings, with overflow space available in the adjoining High School commons space. The PAC also satisfies district safety needs by providing a safe place for students, faculty and staff in the event of a tornado. The extent of the tornado saferoom includes the black box theatre, dressing rooms and bathrooms, with capacity for 800 students, faculty and staff. It is designed according to the latest FEMA 361 Guidelines, and complies with ICC-500 code requirements. As the City of Grove does not have a community safe room, GPS will work with the Grove Police Department and city officials to ensure the theatre facility is open to the community when school is not in session.

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