Atoka Elementary

Atoka Public Schools - Atoka, Oklahoma

Situated on a tight site, this playful facility unites a cost effective design with well-balanced visual aesthetics. The school includes: thirty-two age appropriate classrooms, computer labs, media center, full-service kitchen and cafeteria with a multi-purpose center including a stage. In keeping with the district’s need for expansion, the school was designed with additional space on the site for future growth. Currently, 480 students are enrolled, but the new school allows for 600 students.


The imaginative classrooms and bright color schemes provide a jovial and functional facility. Each classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art media equipment, featuring smart boards that are wired to a central media hub while the 3-D design aspects throughout the building encourage creative thinking. The teachers benefit from central resource centers/workrooms which include a refrigerator, microwave, sink and ample storage.

Previously, the elementary school was located at a different site, but this space-saving design allowed for the new school to be built on the same campus as the middle school and high school. There are three drop-off/pick-up loops; one bus loop and two areas specifically for cars, which allow for a more cohesive flow. Designed and built for the kids, secured entrances separate the classrooms from the multi-purpose center and cafeteria which are both open and available for community use.

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